Triple S Estate Agents
"Seniors Serving Seniors"

How we Work


We offer, you say "Yes," or not. No muss, no fuss. If we agree, you get instant payment and move on with your life.


A basic, free appraisal involves us making an offer for whatever you show us. If you require a written appraisal for estate purposes, there will be a nominal charge.


We can take your goods on consignment to scheduled trade shows and sell them on a commission or "cost plus" basis.

eBay Assistant

We can sell your items on eBay. As a 20 year seller with a flawless record, bidders trust us and will generally pay more. We will take a pre-agreed fee after the sale.


Some items can only realize their full potential through auction. We know the auctioneers and can get you a favorable rate. Again, we will take a small broker's fee on settlement.


Just want to talk? We'll give you our best opinion on any estate or collectibles question, or find the answer for you... senior to senior.